De-signed futures


“Hyötykasvit” / “Useful plants”

installation, 2015. Plants, clay pots, soil, watering pot, water

de-signed futures  |  kutsunäyttely, Node Galleria, Helsinki, syyskuu 2015

It is critical that we question what it means to think and act ecologically and to challenge an anthropocentric inevitability of human consumption and waste. The Hard Rain project and the exhibition De-Signed Futures takes time with the ideas of agency, ownership and creation. We ask the question “Who is responsible?” and is that the same as having agency to that responsibility? Are our hands tied to a future of synthetic Potemkin villages and caustic criticism? Must we work within the current hegemonic structure or is there a possibility to think outside of this impossibility?

The exhibition includes works by:
Pauliina Leikas and Riikka Keränen, members of Mustarinda, an association of art professionals, philosophers and researchers, who have been reflecting together about possible lifestyles that challenge the current assumptions about culture and growth.

Oakalo, an ongoing project and working group of seven international artists interested in authorship and ownership over life forms found in nature. The group works together to bring to a wider discussion the ethical and social implications of working with living beings for the purposes of art, business, or activism. The working group includes: Suvi Ermilä, Pia Grüter, Thomas Heib, Riikka Keränen, Pia Lindman, Niko Nurmi and Emilio Zamudio-Murillo.

hyotykasvit_detail hyotykasvit_de-signedhyotykasvit_pysty